Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May Already!

Ho Hum , as usual . the time escape me and a month has gone by since my last entry!  . . .However I have kept up with my selfies 365 idea and Im working on the Little People today !
Earlier this year I joined a writers group and Im  just about confident enough to post a little story  on here , with a picture of me at the exact location that triggered the writing , hope you enjoy , be kind with your comments or be quiet !!! LoL


The basket had been left to Jane by her Mother , not so much a bequest , rather a forgotten item pushed under the stairs.
She had always loved the shape and balance of it. The plastic elasticated covering still looked as vibrant as the day it was purchased and tonight it was going to get a very special outing.
She packed the few items she needed with care. Locking the front door behind her , she placed the basket on the passenger seat of her car .
The light was fading as she drove off , maybe half an hour of the day left , enough for her purpose she thought.
Indicating and turning off the main road , she slowed and wound down the window to enjoy the sounds and smells of a rural evening Another turn brought her to Gulladoo Lake. Reaching across for the basket she stepped out of the car. Sighing , she breathed deeply , a perfect evening.
Moving swiftly to the rocks at the shore of the lake she lay the basket in the damp grass. 
Jane settled herself on what she termed her Thinking Seat , the largest , flattest stone of the outcrop. It still held the heat of the day and she sighed with pleasure , slipping off her flip flops to wriggle her toes in the sun sparkled water.
She reached into the basket for the wine and glass , opened the bottle and poured a hefty measure.
Raising her face in salutation to the setting sun , she drank deeply , the red of the merlot staining her lips.
She lifted the glass in a toast. . . " here's to you Mum ,may the gods guide you on your journey" .
She drank again , then poured the last of the wine into the water as an offering of love and peace.
The final item she lifted carefully from the basket. It was a small origami boat , made especially for Jane by a close friend.
Standing , she held the little vessel with gentle hands , waded out a few paces  and lowered it into the water A soft push set it on its journey across the lake, towards the setting sun. She remained standing knee deep in the cool water , her wet skirt floating around her calves , a light breeze touching  her bare shoulders
Shading her eyes with both hands , she watched as the boat trembled and sank from sight Blowing a kiss , she waved and turned back towards the bank , to head home in the darkness.