Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day Tripper

I had a productive week with my camera - visiting a very old cemetary that is only half an hours drive from us in the town of Clones
The headstones there are so original The skull & crossbones I used to think represented pirates - but thanks to my friend Martin for some local knowledge - it seems that they represent mortality

The sacophagus in the middle of the site is reputed to contain the relics of St Teirnach - dating from the 6th century & originally made from one block of sandstone - the inscriptions are now un - readable - it must have looked amazing when newly built - The site it stands on was possibly the High Alter of the original church

Walking round you get such a sense of the age of this place Dotted here & there in the grass are small stones that mark the place of  a persons burial & they are so weather worn but still surviving after all this time

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hidden Beauty

The town I live in is small - base around a crossroads with just a few basic shops & bars Its set in a beautiful location in the County of Leitrim with hills , lakes & woods everwhere

We have some hidden beauty here in town - just not so obvious as that provided by Mother Nature
One church has plain glass in the windows - but when the light is right - the reflections are amazing

In the town there is a parking area with a walk thru that leads into what would at some time have been a garden Right in the middle of the grass stands this statue - all forgotten & covered in moss