ABOUT ME. . . . 

Welcome to my blog , let me try to explain my work in a few words. . . 
art is fun , quirky ideas , small details and beautiful surroundings . Working with my camera , these are the things that make my heart sing and that is when I produce my best images
My name is Julie , better know as Jules, and I live in Lovely Leitrim which is my spiritual home .
I love to photograph boats , lakes and fields , trees and old houses, the smallest flowers and raindrops on cobwebs  . 
Each time I set out to capture images , it is an adventure into the unknown and  stirs my soul to see the beauty surrounding me
Some of my photography I work on in Photoshop , adding textures and effects to enhance the images , transforming  them into digital art.
Recently I have been exploring other avenues of work , including art journals,decoupage, writing, drawing  and scrapbooking. Its all a marvellous journey of self exploration!

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