Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kellys Heroes

Way back in the 70's when I was a teenage girl , my Dad used to visit a pub called The Noels Arms
Here they has music sessions & this is how he met Nancey Whiskey & her husband Bob Kelly
I have a reel to reel recording of my Dad playing but getting it transfered to digital is a project for another day

A couple of shots of the Noels Arms:

From this beginning my Dad & Bob went on to start a folk club in the loft of another local pub , this time they used the Wheatsheaf Inn , which sadly no longer exixts

Nancy Whiskey is widely known for her track Freight Train

but little is known publicly about her husband Bob , this is a rare recording with him playing piano on House Rent Stomp

For further reading on Bob & Nancy try this link

A rare & badly grained shot of Bob,Nancey & Yancey, Ive done my best with it !

I have the tape of my Dad playing , a copy of Freight Train & of course my memories of hanging out with Bob & Nancey's daughter Yancey
Bob gave my Dad a guitar on which he painted their group's name " Kellys Heroes"
I still have that guitar , battered & broken , but a treasured keepsake


  1. Anne Kelly Devereux Wow you have been busy, well done you, really enjoyed looking through it all, I am at present doing my family tree, and I hope to do a blog eventually, so I might be asking you for help!!!!. you seem to have settled into your adopted country of Ireland so well, and it seems you love the raw and natural beauty of the island of Ireland, again well done , xx

  2. Ellen Neumann Your blog is so nice Julie !! MORE MORE !!

  3. Frédo Henry I really love your blog... Thanks for sharing Julie... Bizzz !

  4. Anthony Ace Rodriguez I like your wolrd :-)