Monday, August 22, 2011

The Ploughing Championship

Our annual event & Hurrah the sun shone down on us all day long
Just a small selection of the events & traditional crafts taking place

Two of my favourite shots of the day:

Finally one edited with textures , gives the old horses a bit of a boost


  1. love this shot! good looking guys! (big smile)

  2. AWESOME!!! Jules you are truly gifted! I'm looking forward to going through your blog and watching for any up coming info as well. As always you're in my heart and mind each and every day! I'm so proud of you!!! BIG HUGZ/LUV
    Georgia Kat

  3. FANTASTIC, Jules!!! Then again, that's your norm.
    I appreciate the 'personal peek' and I look forward to your future additions. (We all know they'll be here, 'cause you're continually "doin' a what comes naturally".)
    xo Barb (a.k.a. BostonFox)