Thursday, June 9, 2011

Urban Exploration

For many years I have been fascinated by old, run down buildings , not just the quaint rural cottage that tumbles down with elegance , more the grungy , rough & down right ugly stuff
Seemingly Im not alone ! Other people have the same ideas & the name for this is Urban Exploration or Urbex as its more commonly known
In the UK there are a larger variety of desolate hospitals , asylums & disused factories , filled with history , falling apart & so very attractive to us Urbex photographers!
Here in Ireland , mostly its on a smaller scale , unless you can travel a good few miles to the bigger cities
I have only ever taken photographs from outside before today as I seem to get a little spooked about going inside Also for safety reasons , as i mostly take photographs on my own , its not a clever idea to wander onto rotten floorboards!
My reason today for entering this totally safe wreck , is to acclimatise myself to the indoor urban landscape , as I have a large building to explore shortly with a friend who is going to use video , while I take shots
Here are a few shots from today's outing Not every one's cup of tea , but they excite me!!

Next Weeks Adventure!

Self Portrait

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