Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 A Long Time Coming!

Its been ages since my last post , but I have to say its with good reason
On St Stephens night , I fell out of bed & broke my neck at C7, leaving me in a brace for 12 weeks
Im now at the end of week 5 & getting used to wearing it
The picture is NOT me , I wish it did look that neat! For once Im not keen to put up my own photographs!!!

Mine fits very badly & is losing all its padding , so is held together with tape!!My feet are a distant memory & Ive discovered a whole new set of muscles to use in my arms!
Its tiring doing much & as I cant get a thick coat on , I dont go too far from home
The car is a tricky one , so very ,very uncomfortable & sends my back into a spasm If you were wondering , Im NOT driving !!!
Keeping things ticking over at Just Jules & getting some new ideas down on paper , ready to spring into action, some time in the near future
As I feel rather like an extra from Stars Wars , I have to close by saying
"may the force be with you!"


  1. I admire your sense of humor and your courage under very difficult circumstances. So glad this won't be permanent for you. For a neck break you indeed were fortunate! I am supposing you have all kinds of new creative ideas formulating while you are recovering. At the end of the brace you'll be out there working full force!

    Always good to read your blogs! Continued good recovery talented lady!

  2. Falling out of bed on St. Stephen's night requires further expalanation!
    Thank you for allowing view of your pics in shop...very nice!