Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Man's Passion

This is a video from an airshow in France  - 2010 , but the plane is the Spifire , my Dad's photographic passion
He visited the Duxford Airshow in 1996 & I have recently found the negatives from his day out taking photos .
Seems like he had a ball ,as  there are shots of many old planes & some really great ones of the Red Arrows in formation , with the coloured smoke trailing shapes in the sky , but the star of the show for my Dad , was of course the Spitfire
With my flatbed scanner its fairly easy to get some good clear j.pegs to work with & edit , some I will leave as a photograph & some will get the "art" treatment .
I have found two photography sites , one in America & another in the UK , both handle all the sales stuff , but Im really curious to see the comments the pictures receive. The  pure joy of being able to showcase his work is making me very proud &  its lovely that he will receive some kudos after all these years

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